Laurel & Hardy: Four Early Films

By Lightbox Film Center at University of the Arts (other events)

Friday, September 29 2023 7:00 PM 9:00 PM EDT

Duck Soup

Two vagrants find shelter in a temporarily empty mansion but have to masquerade as its owner and his maid when a wealthy couple call to rent the place. (Fred Guiol, USA, 1927, 20 min.)

The Second 100 Years

Two convicts escape from prison but are trapped into masquerading as a couple of French prison officials at a dinner party given by the Governor. (Fred Guiol, USA, 1927, 20 min)

Call of the Cuckoo

Thanks to the antics of their crazy neighbors, a family moves to a new house, but they find that their new dwelling is not too sturdily built. (Clyde Bruckman, USA, 1927, 17 min.)

The Battle of the Century

After a terrible boxer loses a bout, his manager takes out an insurance policy on him and tries to cause an accident, which results in an epic pie fight. (Clyde Bruckman, USA, 1927, 19 min.)

Lightbox Film Center at University of the Arts